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Spiritual Health

"Every healing journey is unique"

Spiritual Health is essential to moving into freedom. Studies show that we live longer, healthier and happier when we live for something greater than ourselves.  If you're wanting to live a life of significance there is so much to be learned, including, "The Joy of Sacrifice", "The Freedom of Forgiveness", "The Power of Loving Your Enemies" and "Surrendering the Things You Cannot Change".

My spiritual foundation is my faith in Jesus and the many ways He has changed my heart so I increasingly live for things that will outlast my life.  I do work with people of all faiths and belief systems.

But don't let this deter you from looking at some of the articles because they reveal universal life principals that are relevant to all walks of life. 

I'd suggest a great place to start is here:

"Seeing God at Every Turn" Audrey Veal

This is a brief peek at some ways God showed up in my life before I became a follower of Jesus.

Areas I can help with:

  • Learning to live at peace with the things we can't change

  • Moving through the steps of forgiveness

  • Developing your intuition

  • Changing your mindset so you can begin to love your enemies

  • Receiving love so we can give love

  • Develop the habits of sacrificing for others

  • Wrestling with faith related issues

  • Learning to live in your God-given identity

  • Lie busters

  • Faith based meditations and affirmations

For upcoming online classes and more information, be sure to follow my Facebook page. 

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