The Tool Box

For success in every area of life. you need to have the right tools available for the job. Equipped with the right tools, you are set up to accomplish even the hardest things. 


Trauma and deep loss alter our lives forever. My role is to support you as move through each aspect of the trauma and grief by helping you process the pain & loss, giving you the tools you need to keep moving forward and helping you turn the corner and rebuild a new life.


CBT is the creation of new life patterns through altering thought processes and behaviors.  Three basic steps of CBT are: Identifying the behavior(s) you’re wanting to change.  Second, identify the negative automatic thoughts that create the behavior. And thirdly, recognize when the old thought patterns are triggered and replace them with new positive thoughts and behaviors. 



Food is the fuel of life.What we eat drives our energy levels, our immune systems, our ability to sleep, grow, think and relax.Even the risk of developing chronic diseases, autoimmune disorders and Alzheimer’s are influenced by what we eat.My goal in nutrition is to help you learn how to fuel your body so you can live a healthier, happier and more productive life.



Did you know that being relaxed and at rest increases creativity, boosts our immune systems, lowers blood pressure, decreases chronic pain, and increases happiness and enjoyment of life regardless of circumstances.Some methods we can use are Breathing for Peace, deep relaxation, mindfulness techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, aroma therapy and visual imagery.


MTT is like acupressure for healing emotional wounds. My clients have had great results using MTT to overcome phobias and fears, addictions, single event traumas (like a car accident), and for increasing the power of positive affirmations.The MTT process in a ‘nutshell’: While restating a short phrase, you tap various points on your face and body and repeat the steps until the emotional trigger is eliminated.